2-days In-person Seminar on “The New Economy Analytics, Resources and Alerts” at San Francisco

What the seminar is about: One of the defining factors of the Information Technology-led New Economy is the explosion of data on the Net. If the sheer volume of data available on the Net is bewildering; another critical component -the speed at which this has been happening -is confounding many. This combination of information flooding and its speed has brought issues like transparency, big data and the ability to access data from new and now accessible databases to the fore. Today’s IT professionals can afford to be complacent only at their own peril. They have to be on their toes in adapting to these rapidly changing situations and in gaining knowledge of the required new economy analytics, resources and alerts.

This seminar imparts this important understanding to participants. Imbibing the lessons concerning New Economy resources taught at this session can help them stay ahead of the curve.

This two-day session will help participants access the many online New Economy resources that are available from the Internet which have been preselected and filtered specially for them. The uniqueness of these resources is that they are not available anywhere in the Traditional Economy. These will help them to navigate the New Economy and to discover new knowledge, information and methods that they need to stay afloat in the New Economy.
The aim of equipping participants with this exclusive knowledge is to prepare them for the rapid changes taking place in the New Economy. These quality and effective New Economy web resources will go a long way in dissipating the fear, uncertainty and doubt that today’s dynamic, changing and fast paced economy has brought in its wake.
Familiarization with the new economy analytics, resources and alerts will serve as the important necessary tools which go a long way in helping employees maintain or improve their stature. It will also lead them to discover new knowledge with which they can climb their professional ladder and become leaders.

The speaker at this seminar will cover the following areas over two days:
* New Economy Analytics
* New Economy Resources
* New Economy Alerts
* New Economy Databases
* New Economy Monitors
* New Economy Security

About the Speaker:
Marcus P. Zillman M.S., A.M.H.A.; eSolutions Architect and Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library™, Creator/Founder BotSpot.com and Executive Producer of BOT2000 and BOT2001 conferences for internet.com; has designed, developed and created online databases and information retrieval access scripts for the last thirty years.
He is the Creator/Founder of BotSpot.com® “The Spot for all Bots and Intelligent Agents on the Net” one of the Internet’s most awarded sites (over 400 awards) and is considered the definitive resource for Bots, Intelligent Agents and Artificial Intelligence on the Internet. PC Magazine selected it as one of the Top 100 Best Web Sites on the Internet in 1998 as well as selected by NetGuide as the Top 10 of all Internet sites during all of 1998.
Currently Mr. Zillman is Executive Director of the Virtual Private LibraryTM, creators of 53 Subject Tracer™ information blogs. He writes, consults, tutors and delivers keynote speeches on the future of the Internet, ecommerce security; cloud computing, HTML5 and IPV6.

The agenda:

The seminar will have the following agenda:

Day 1 -Agenda
Lecture 1: Introduction and Overview of the New Economy Workshop
Lecture 2: Historical perspectives of the New Economy to current day happenings
Lecture 3: Online live examples of above
Lecture 4: Listserv®, Newsgroups, Chat Channels, Bulletin Boards, Forums, Blogs, News Aggregators, Intelligent Agents, Bots, MashUps and Web3.00++, Social Communities, Business Intelligence and more …
Lecture 5: Online live examples continued
Lecture 6: Online examples of the workshop “Sources”
Lecture 7: Tools necessary to build Business Intelligence including Browser Tool Kit and Searcher Tool Kit to discover additional 2013 New Economy resources
Lecture 8: Questions and Answers

Day 2 -Agenda
Lecture 1: Review of Day 1 Workshop activities and sources
Lecture 2: New Economy Analytics Discussion and Examples
Lecture 3: Online live examples of above
Lecture 4: New Economy Resources Discussion and Examples
Lecture 5: New Economy Alerts Discussion and Examples
Lecture 6: New Economy Databases and the Deep Web New Economy Discussion
Lecture 7: New Economy Privacy and Security Discussion and Examples
Lecture 8: New Economy Monitors and Social Informatics and the New Economy
Lecture 9: New Economy and Current Awareness Resources and what the future holds…
Lecture 10: Recap and Summary

For whom:
* This seminar will benefit:
* Marketing Directors
* Marketing Assistants
* IT Department Supervisors
* Administrative Assistants

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