3 Ways to Keep Your Customer Base Through Artificial Intelligence Conversions

Getting a customer to buy something from you may be the easy part. Keeping them becomes the hard part. In this day and age. customers tend to have shorter attention spans. You have to work double time in order to keep them interested in what you have to offer in your market. Some try this through mobile app personalization. Others try savvy marketing techniques to convert the like to a buy in a matter of seconds. This requires a lot of manipulation on the part of the company, but it does work.

Companies who get a 5% increase in their customer loyalty base will acquire an increase in sales of 25-93%. This takes work. Here are some tips on how to retain your customers through artificial intelligence conversions.

1) You need to connect with the customers who need you the most. Much of the data out there tends to deselect these people. This is due to the metrics not being used properly. You have to go beyond using the metrics. There is a big gap there. You have to personally reach out and touch someone. This is where the mobile app personalization comes in. Find out where your target audience goes to the most on their phones. Zero in on this and you have a great majority of your desired market.

2) The customer experience has to be a revolution. It needs to be simple, nothing too complicated. You need to try a new approach. You cannot use the same old song and dance for getting your customers to remain loyal. Use visuals. Reading pages of information are not going to attract them. You need to use simple words and a big video application to do it.

It is not enough to get them in by offering the cheapest products. It is not enough to attract those who are loyal because they are loyal. The old definition of loyalty does not work anymore. It is outdated. You need to bring the definition of loyalty into the 21st century.

3) Your channels need to sync up correctly. It gets disturbing to read the same message on every channel. It is like signing the same petition over and over. You will run into a lot of “we did this already”. Your customers do not want to repeat actions over and over. Once is enough. Repetition works, but not in this case.

Artificial intelligence is poised to take care of all these solutions in a refined and ground-breaking way. We are using artificial intelligence more and more. It is the new frontier and you need to become a part of it.

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Indraneel Mukherjee is the author of this Article. To know more about artificial intelligence conversions and mobile app personalization please visit the website.

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