5 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider a Job in Hotelier Industry:

Not sure about selecting a right career path? The trick here is to carefully align your job to your innate interests, the things you would have done if you are not under the obligation of doing them. Would you take pleasure in cooking, serving or organizing tasks and making them work? Pleasure is big word probably, but do you enjoy these tasks or let us simply say that you would like to help people and would love to put a smile on their face, and then you should seriously consider making a career in Hospitality industry.
This article is not about painting a flowery picture to persuade into making a career here, but we are here to simply present the facts about hotelier industry that may help you make an informed decision.
So here we go:
A variety of Job Opportunities: It’s not like there is one strict route to enter the industry. There are solid courses in the market to learn the skill you are interested in and there are a large number of entry-level opportunities in your specialization enabling you to rise in ranks gradually.
Great Pay and Benefits: Hotel jobs with great pay are abundant. Be it an entry level job or a professional one, the pay in the industry is always on par with other industries including regular hikes and bonuses; if not better. But perks and benefits is the area in which the hospitality industry soars above the rest. Given that most of the hotels are under the operation of major players in the industry, one can enjoy an array of benefits that include medical, dental, maternity leave, vacation pay, tuition, employee discounts, special offers, accommodation and free food it goes on and on.
Room to Grow: A job with high pay is never an ideal one if it doesn’t give any room for to learn new skills and contribute to your growth. The hospitality industry is filled with people from various trades and backgrounds which helps you in honing your skills and pursue your new found interests. Now that your network is strong among your peers you can easily find the new opportunities.
Awesome Career Prospects: Almost all the major hotel chains offer positions in foreign and other premier locations for the best of the lot. While the industry offers a good platform to hone your skills and learn other diverse skills, this ‘being a jack of all trades and master of your own one’ helps you score faster promotions and don’t forget foreign travel is always on cards with major players.
Steady Growth of Industry: No matter what the economic situation is, there was never a time when the growth of hotelier industry is slow; it always has been destined to grow at a constant rate. And that is why the Hospitality industry is regarded as a fastest growing industry in 21st century! So, one can confidently say that the industry is stable enough to ensure a long career for you!
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