A Look at Toronto Private Schools

The City of Toronto is home to a wide variety of private schools. These private schools are a place for parents who feel their child is in need of alternative education. The city is also about a 2 hour flight away from most major cities in the United States. This makes Toronto private schools a great place for U. S. Citizens as well as domestic, to attend, as far as boarding schools.

The education in private school is more advanced than that of the regular public schools. A lot more is expected of the students not only in achieving to a high potential as far as curriculum, but also in terms of making wise choices in their daily lives.

One of the private school systems in Toronto are the christian schools. The Adventist schools are one type of institution in that school system. The schools incorporate Adventist Christian principles and ways of living. Daily prayer is an important fixture in the schools as well as bible study class, which is part of the school curriculum. The schools also have a strict uniformed attire that students must adhere to. Due to some religious beliefs, there are certain activities such as dance, that are forbidden, as well as specific holidays and how they are celebrated.

The Catholic School system of Toronto is geared toward students with several learning necessities. Some programs they offer are for visually and hearing impaired and for those with learning disabilities.

The York Region has a non-religious private day school providing diverse learning programs for gifted children. They range from grades 1 through to University. Their curriculum is based on depth of learning through complex skills in creative and critical thinking, communication, research and problem solving.

York Region’s catholic school board serve the catholic community. Their commitment and responsibilities are for quality of learning with their inspiration being Jesus Christ. As with the Adventist school system and the Toronto Catholic school system, uniforms is a must.

Some schools in York Region are boys only institutions, where boys are urged to tackle all of their interests without the presence of girls to divert their focus. It is said that boys who attend all boy schools tend to study music, art, drama and languages because there are no girls to see them. They are free to be themselves without presenting a false image in order to impress.

The boarding school experience is also beneficial to students of either gender, where they can be true to themselves and take part in countless constructive and supervised activities, where they can be leaders and work in outreach programs. It teaches discipline and responsibility, respect for themselves, other students, staff and people in general and how to work together to accomplish goals and dreams.

Boarders are also free to go off campus as long as they inform the housemaster. They can go to where they please, as long as it’s proper behavior. Keeping children busy in a structured manner is generally a staple for all sorts of private schools. No time is given for idle behavior.

Richmond Hill Christian school is a co-ed Anglican day school for students from JK to university entrance.
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