Actress Asia Jackson Wants to Take on ‘Colorism,’ Redefine Filipino Beauty

Growing up half black and half Filipino, Asia Jackson was not always comfortable in her own skin.

“Having curly hair and darker skin, I had major identity issues as a child,” the 23-year-old told NBC News. “People were telling me I’m ‘too white’ because I don’t look black, and I’m not Asian because I don’t look Asian. There’s always the stigma of looking different. I’m considered light skinned in black communities, but in Asian communities, I’m considered dark.”

The actress, model, and content creator is no stranger to standing out and dealing with change.

Born in California to a Filipino mother and black father in the military, Jackson’s family moved often during her childhood, and she went to schools across the United States, Japan, and the Philippines, according to Jackson. She said those experiences have made it easier for her to be understanding of others.

“I’ve lived amongst different communities because of my dad’s job. I feel like that’s why I’m so culturally sensitive and empathetic towards different cultures, why I’m so outspoken on representation…because a lot of people, especially people who look like me, don’t have a voice,” Jackson said.

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