All You Need To Know About Top Quality Wheel Bolts

Wheel nuts are one of the smaller components of a car, but that doesn’t trivialize their importance in any sense. It is essential to install the right kind of wheel nuts to avoid wobbling or falling of the wheel while driving at a high speed. Hence, buying bolts for wheels is not as simple as it sounds.

Here are some essential things which you must keep in mind to buy the right nut for your wheels.

Thread Size And Pitch Of The Wheel Nut

It is not rocket science to identify the correct thread size and pitch of the nut. You can either use a thread gauge or or can do a hit and trial by putting lug nut in different bolts until you find the best fit.

You can also take the measurement of outer diameter of the wheel stud to find out the thread size. 10,12 and 14 millimeters are the most common sizes of the wheel. You can also read the user manual of the vehicle to find out the correct size.

Types Of Wheel Bolt

Wheel nuts are available in a wide range of types and sizes. The right type would depend on the type and wheel of your vehicle. Some of the popular types are tapered lug nut, mag and screw-in lug bolts and ball seat among others.

Seat Type Of Wheel Nut

Every car has a lug nut which makes actual contact with surface of the wheel. There are different kinds of lug nuts including mag seat, ball seat and tapered seat. Different cars come with different lug nuts, hence identify it first before looking for the wheel bolt.

Apart from considering the above mentioned points, you need to find the right seller to buy top quality wheel bolts.

* Make sure the seller you are choosing is reputed for selling high quality authentic wheel bolts. Do some relevant online research and talk to references to find the best seller.

* Make sure the brand of bolt you are buying is reliable and is an expert in manufacturing particular type of bolts. For instance, if you are looking for titanium wheel bolts online, make sure that the manufacturer is an expert in manufacturing such bolts.

* To find the best price, it is essential to do some right market research. Check the price listed by best sellers and compare them against the quality of bolts. You can also look for online discount coupons and offers to find the best deal in no time.

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