Australian Historical Fiction Writing – Know the Original Eureka Stockade Author!

It was 1853 when Raffaello Carboni the writer and revolutionary from Italy reached at the Ballarat region of Australia. He was there to find adventure and to find wealth. However, the growing unrest that he found among the gold miners of that region has really made him feel bad. He started to study more about those gold miners and soon he came to the point that those gold miners have lost their rights. And this was the big reason why they were about to start the rebellion that was later become famous as Eureka Rebellion or Eureka Stockade. Raffaello Carboni is the one who experienced that rebellion and thus he can be considered as the original Eureka Stockade author.

It was the time when British colonial authorities used to rule over Australia. It was also the time when nationhood like aspect was less or not felt by the native of Australia. But Eureka Rebellion like occasion has really managed to make people of this country more inclined towards nationhood like aspect. It was the time when the government has implemented some harsh as well as oppressive rules and regulations. Those regulations were really hampering the basic rights of the gold miners. They were forced to pay higher taxes and this has really started to break their financial condition. So, they have decided to go for a rebellion against the authority.

Going through Australian historical fiction writing can make a big difference for those who love to collect ideas related to the history of this world. And when you are looking for the best story in this line up, Eureka Stockade author can really offer you something that you will love to read time and again. As per Raffaello Carboni, on 3rd December, 1854, the rebellion was started. There were many similar rebellions happened across the globe. But Eureka rebellion is different from them on a few aspects. The interesting thing associated with such rebellion is that it has lasted just for thirty minutes and the result was there.

Only 120 gold miners started that rebel and when it came to an end 35 lives were claimed. Those gold miners have shown great courage and resistance against the authorities. They fought for their rights and freedom. After that instance, people in Australia have started to incline more towards nationhood like aspect. The support shown by those gold miners for democratic freedom has laid down the base stone for nationhood in Australia.

This is the biggest reason why Eureka Stockade is still considered as the best Australian historical fiction writing. This is a great occasion and it was greatly elaborated by Raffaello Carboni who is known as the original Eureka Stockade author. As he was there during the outbreak of the rebellion, he watched things very closely. In his writing, you can easily feel what he has experienced during the outbreak of that rebellion. Now days you can easily access this great historical fiction writing online and collect more ideas from the history pages.

When you are looking for the best Australian historical fiction writing, read Eureka Stockade. The original Eureka Stockade Author named as Raffaello Carboni has elaborated the whole story in a great manner.

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