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Originally in the Jan. ’17 issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine.

Cocooned in a shell created by those who wanted to label her “just a female filmer filming only female riders”, Amanda Hankison has spent the past couple years freeing herself from those bonds and breaking down barriers to carry snowboarding where she believes it should go. Armed with a couple cameras, her own company (Jetpack), and a large group of friends spanning the country she is set to undergo her next metamorphosis into one of snowboarding’s brightest filmers/visionaries .

How did you decide to get into filming?

I got a miniDV camera in 6th grade for Christmas and would film my friends at Raging Buffalo, right outside of Chicago, after school. We had no idea what we were doing but it was so much fun.

Was it all business right away? Or did your focus on it as a career occur gradually?

Filming, to me, is a way of remembering where you’ve been and the people you were with in that place. The memories are number one in my book. Photography and filming have always been a big part of my life regardless of monetary compensation so I’d call it more of a glorified hobby at this point rather than a career.

You and JetPack are intertwined for better or for worse. Describe what JetPack is to you.

JetPack is everything to me. Snowboarding naturally provides a vast network of good friends and crazy characters to any individual willing to dedicate the time to their snowboard. Through JetPack, I have sought to build strength within that community through spreading the power of positivity. It’s amazing what can happen when you believe in all your friends and they believe in you. Positivity is a hell of a drug. I’d highly recommend it.

Did Jetpack come into existence as a product of your desire to film? Or do you think it would have come about either way?

We started JetPack out of a desire to create something new, which is also a huge draw to filming. If we…

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