BMW car club chapter bans some new Bimmers from the track

Collision avoidance technology, like autonomous emergency braking, can be a major benefit on the street. But one BMW Car Club of America chapter believes it can be too oppressive for the track.

The Genessee Valley chapter of the BMW Car Club of America (BMWCCA) announced that it will no longer allow certain late-model Bimmers from participating in its High Performance Drivers’ Education (HPDE) events. In a statement, the group claims that cars equipped with systems like autonomous emergency braking “may behave in unpredictable and undesirable ways on a racetrack.”

“Because there is so much uncertainty about how these systems behave in a variety of conditions, GVC have decided to ban all vehicles equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking and/or Lane Keeping Assistance systems (or their equivalent) for use in our HPDE events,” the statement continues.

The BMW 2 Series is one of many BMW models that can be equipped with advanced driver assistance systems.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

The ban is limited to the Genessee Valley chapter. Other BMWCCA chapters are still permitting new BMWs at HPDE events, even though BMWCCA in general has a rather strict attitude towards on-track safety. The concern is that a system of this kind may brake or otherwise unsettle the car at the wrong time, which not only screws with driver education, it could potentially cause an accident on the track. It does not appear that this will become some massive trend, though, especially with BMW North America’s opinion on the idea.

In a statement provided to Roadshow, BMW North America called GVC’s policy “unauthorized,” and claimed that BMWCCA’s national office does not share the same concerns and will discuss the matter directly with the Genessee Valley chapter.

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