Book Speaks of Authenticity, Taking of Personal Responsibility

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It is authentic. It is every day. It is written in easy to grasp language and it’s about all of us.

Nicky Kassapian’s “Be Yourself” (published by Balboa Press AU) is about stepping up and taking responsibility for everything that is showing up in one’s life. It shares the author’s personal journey, which helps readers see the possibilities and how to achieve it.

A multidisciplinary book, it covers all aspects of life and features effective techniques and practices to use for most events one will face in life. Through this book, the author hopes that readers will also become transformational catalysts.

“It is authentic. It is every day. It is written in easy to grasp language and it’s about all of us.”

An excerpt from this book:

“We like to think that the world is coming at us

It is not

The world is actually coming from us.”

Kassapian calls “Be Yourself” as a life-changing book. “Chapter by chapter, all aspects of life are addressed with suggested actions and their gifts, and practices and easy-to-follow techniques are shared with clarity and care, encouraging you to go beyond yourself and who and what you think you are,” the author adds.

“Be Yourself: The Art of Stepping Up”

By Nicky Kassapian

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 252 pages | ISBN 9781504301572

E-Book | 252 pages | ISBN 9781504301589

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Nicky Kassapian is a healer and retreat facilitator. She has developed her skills and expertise in communications, healing and liberating arts for more than three decades. Kassapian facilitates for, guides and mentors clients internationally. She is based in Southeast Asia.

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