Brands Explore Generation Z’s Entrepreneurial Passion at Marketing to Gen Z Conference

Jake Skoloda, Co-Founder
Millennial Ad Network

From lemonade stands that take credit cards to digital marketing agencies, Gen Z will be founding start-ups at an unparalleled rate and will influence the marketplace for generations to come

“72% of Gen Z’s want to start their own business according to Forbes Magazine,” said Nan McCann, producer of the Marketing to Generation Z Conference, July 18, 2017, NYC. “This conference program is designed to help brand marketers get up to speed on Gen Z, the largest and most powerful consumer generation ever. Entrepreneurism is a big part of it. In fact, one of our most interesting and sure to be our most popular sessions is an up-close-and-personal Case-In-Point with Jake Skoloda, 16, Cofounder of the Millennial Ad Network.”

“Jake is the personification of Gen Zen’s driving entrepreneurial ambition, which is aided and abetted by Gen Z’s unprecedented access to resources, people and innovative programming. Jake’s session will be a real-life conversation guided by his mother Kelley Skoloda, global consumer marketing expert, author and angel investor”. McCann explained, “They’ll examine how the entrepreneurial dynamics of Gen Z will change marketing and potentially evolve to become a new definition of business.”

Jake’s mom, Kelley, added, “Our presentation titled ‘Gen zEn (not a typo)’, will show marketers how to tap into and cultivate Gen zEn, how to build brand engagement and where, and how, Gen X and Boomer parents fit in. The Forbes stat is corroborated by countless studies. The fact is Gen zEn is leaps and bounds ahead of boomers, Gen X and even millennials when it comes to striking out on their own. If you’re a marketer, it’s a generational…

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