Camera kit brings rear vision to motorcycle helmets

The most crucial piece of motorcycle safety gear is often explored as an exploitable field for add-on safety systems. Privileged with high-visibility positioning, helmets can be outfitted with head-up display kits, intelligent brake lights, or, as Zona now proposes, the feed from a rear view camera.

Rear view mirrors are a common feature on vehicles produced for use in public roads since the dawn of motorized transport, despite the fact that modern technology could easily replace them with widely used inexpensive parts.


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Often prototype cars or bikes feature displays from rear-viewing cameras directly in their instrument panels, but in most production models these are limited to the expanding trend of parking assists.

As for motorcycles, fitting a camera kit is easy and affordable, but requires a display up front – with smartphones often assigned to the task. The main advantage of a rear-facing camera is eliminating blind spots for a wide and uninterrupted view to the back. The drawback is that it adds another distraction to lure the eyes away from the road for a possibly-critical couple of seconds.

Jam Technology Limited from northern England now offers a…

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