Chestnut Global Partners Publishes 2017 EAP and Wellness Trends and Analysis Report

Chestnut Global Partners

We trust that the trends we identified and analyzed give organizations fresh ideas on leveraging EAP to better meet the needs of their employees and customers.

Chestnut Global Partners (CGP), a provider of culturally-aware employee assistance and wellness programs to companies worldwide, today announced the 2017 Trends Report, which identifies the four top developments that will shape the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and Wellness industry in 2017. The report is based on utilization patterns among CGP’s user base, and a survey of its customers to gain insights and perspectives on the coming year.

Four Trends to Look For:

1. Requests for EAP support due to anxiety are on the rise. Although the top two reasons for accessing EAP services – (1) marital / relationship, and (2) stress – were consistent with previous years, the number of individuals seeking support for anxiety increased 29% compared to 2014 and 2015, moving it up one spot into third position on the 2016 top 10 list of EAP concerns. The category of anxiety is traditionally used to identify individuals who report more specific and serious physical / emotional symptoms of stress. Occupational concerns remained in the sixth spot for the third consecutive year, with job satisfaction due to organizational change and increased workloads comprising a majority of these cases.

2. Top three industry needs. Survey participants were asked to identify what they saw as the top needs for the EAP industry in the coming years. The top three were: (1) increased utilization rates, (2) improved collaboration and coordination of care, and (3) the production of measurable outcomes that improve the perceived value of EAP by purchasers (see trend item…

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