Common Misconceptions About Home Staging

It never ceases to amaze me the number of misconceptions out there about what my profession, home staging, involves. When prospective clients call, I’m now fully prepared to correct these misconceptions and to describe the tangible benefits of staging homes.

What home staging is NOT…

Prohibitively Expensive – Working within the client’s budget is a goal professional stagers take seriously. Ingenuity and creativity are typical traits that stagers possess. The home stager will offer the client the option to retain their services for staging the home, or they will be provided a report containing detailed recommendations that the seller can complete on their own.

A Job For Real Estate Agents – The role of the real estate agent is complex enough without having to tackle the many details involved in staging their clients’ homes. Sellers need their real estate agents to be marketing their homes, not fixing them up! Hire a professional home stager and you can be assured that the all-important fantastic first impression will be created.

For Expensive Homes Only – Any home, regardless of its selling price, can benefit from home staging. Stagers are committed to the goal of having their clients’ homes sell quickly and for top dollar, no matter what the value of the home is.

A Homeowner’s Job – As a home stager, I frequently make recommendations to my clients regarding changes that can be made to best highlight the positive features of the exterior and interior of their homes. It is not unusual to hear, “These are changes that I never would have thought to make. My house looks so much better!” The point is that the longer we live in a house, the harder it is to view it objectively. A home stager views a home through the eyes of the prospective buyer. They are therefore able to make and implement recommendations that will show the house in the best possible light.

Interior Design – Designing an interior is done for those who intend to live in the home for a period of time. The homeowner has a desire to personalize their home for living. Home staging, on the other hand, is for those who are moving and de-personalizing the home is necessary in order to maximize the appeal to potential buyers.

For Model Homes Only – The model home look is often associated with home staging. Staging techniques are frequently used in effectively preparing vacant homes for sale. These techniques are just as effective for occupied homes. Home stagers will work with sellers’ furnishings and accessories to create an appealing environment that will appeal to many buyers.

This will hopefully help readers understand what home staging is and what it isn’t. If you anticipate selling your home, home staging can make a significant difference in the time your home remains on the market, as well as the price it sells for. For those whose homes have been on the market for a while and a price reduction seems inevitable, call a home stager before you take this step! Keep this in mind: The cost of hiring a stager will be significantly less than taking a reduction in your asking price.

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