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How to recognize when a child is recalling a past life memory.

JACKSON HOLE, WY – How might you react if one day your three-year-old (or grandchild) says to you in all seriousness, “You were my mother before, when I was a baseball player,” or “We wore metal cleats then, but no helmets and no lights at night.”

Might you recognize the child’s effort to bring to light something important about a past life memory? Would you be willing to support the child in continuing to share, without either poo-pooing them or leading them on?

A new book: A true experience

This really happened to Cathy Byrd who has written a new best seller about her son, The Boy Who Knew Too Much. Boyd and her husband were religious, non-believers in reincarnation, who were not even baseball fans. This true story is equally about Byrd’s journey becoming a conscious parent and opening her mind to reincarnation, as well as her son’s incredibly accurate past life recall.

Even before their son could talk, he was already obsessed with baseball. When he was two, he would always carry a baseball bat around with him, and taught himself to competently throw and hit a baseball. The child was a lefty, and at three he was so good, he was invited to throw out the first pitch for the Dodgers. He was playing baseball three to six hours a day, and told his mother, “I was a tall baseball player.”

Not yet able to grasp all this, Byrd immediately reframed the comment and told him that someday he will be tall, and maybe also a baseball player.

“No, I was tall like Daddy,” the boy replied.  

That same year, the boy saw a poster of Babe Ruth, and turned to his mother and said, “I don’t like him; he was mean to me.”

Byrd began researching details of the Babe Ruth era and located a photo of that Yankee baseball team. Following her counselor’s advice, she showed it to her son saying only, “Is there anyone in this photo who didn’t like Babe Ruth?”

Immediately the boy pointed…

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