Could Plant-Based Folk Remedies Be The Answer To Antibiotic Resistance? | Co.Exist

We’re so used to medicines being able to easily cure our simple ailments that it’s hard to imagine a world without effective antibiotics. But antibiotics are increasingly powerless against superbugs—powerful bacteria that have evolved to resist our medical advances.

So what comes next? One option may be to examine traditional plant remedies to see if there are any active ingredients we could deploy as medicine. And one of those remedies is the shrub-like Brazilian peppertree, known as an invasive weed in Florida and used as a treatment for infections by indigenous people in the Amazon.

Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta took the Brazilian peppertree (Schinus terebinthifolia) and tested it in the lab, isolating the various chemical components of the plant and pitting them against known disease-causing bacteria. In its native…

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