Crew fatigue played role in CP Rail train derailment in Calgary, TSB report finds – Calgary

The Transportation Safety Board says employee fatigue and inadequate train handling led to a Canadian Pacific freight train derailment in southeast Calgary last year.

Thirteen cars went off the tracks on Feb. 18, 2016, at the Alyth yard in Inglewood as crews conducted a switching operation.

No one was hurt and no dangerous materials were spilled.

“Fatigue management” seems to have played a role, the TSB says.

“A crew member was likely fatigued after having had poor quality sleep in the two weeks prior and having been awake for 23 hours at the time of the occurrence,” the report said.

The TSB says ensuring workers are sufficiently rested is a shared responsibility.

“Employees have a responsibility to make every effort to report to work well rested while the company has a responsibility to provide a system that allows them to do so, including procedures to remove themselves from eligibility for duty without fear of discipline,” the report said.

The approximate location of the train derailment is indicated by the red oval on this map image. (Google Maps/CBC)

The board also concluded the locomotives were pulling too hard through a curve, and since the brakes at the back hadn’t been fully released, several wheels came off the rails, causing the cars to derail.

“While moving at approximately 2.5 mph over a short distance within the yard, a power increase in excess of the maximum throttle position for the area was applied,” the report said.

“Specific train handling requirements relating to the maximum locomotive throttle for the occurrence location were not followed.”

In an emailed statement to CBC News, CP said the company has received and reviewed the TSB report.

“The report makes no specific recommendations to CP around this incident,” said spokesperson Salem Woodrow.

The TSB’s mandate does not include the assignment of fault or determining criminal or civil liability.

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