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Crowdfunder Pick: Harsh Reality

Genre: Cyberpunk Thriller

Synopsis: Harsh Reality is a short cyberpunk thriller about a professional gamer who’s kidnapped and subjected to a mind-altering VR program. It’s a story about the ways that technology separates us from the consequences of our actions, and the ways it connects us to others.

Cast: Jeff Seal, Shaina Feinberg, Chris Manley

Crew: Iain Marcks (Director, Writer, Producer), Joe Yanick (Producer), Eduardo Mayen (Cinematographer, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series), Antoni Maiovvi (Composer)

About the Moviemaker: An industry professional with more than a decade of experience ranging from cinematography and postproduction to producing and directing, Iain has a deep-understanding of the complex world of filmmaking. His films have appeared on Fandor and ShortsTV and for the past ten years, his articles and interviews have appeared in American Cinematographer Magazine

Platform: IndieGoGo

Campaign End Date: June 2, 2017

Request: “With Harsh Reality, we want to tell an interesting story, explore the promises and pitfalls of new technologies, and make a strong statement about empathy and taking responsibility for one’s actions and beliefs.

Our film takes place ‘five minutes into the future’ but its subject is the present and its real-world challenges: an increasingly computerized world struggling with the tangible dilemmas of migrant rights, unregulated capitalism, class inequality, police violence, and…

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