Depeche Mode Frontman Latest Celebrity to Compare Trump to Hitler

By now we’re well used to celebrities making comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. After all, Louis CK and Sarah Silverman have been saying little else for the past few months.

But now some veteran celebrities are speaking out as they never have before. Take Dave Gahan, frontman of British synth-rockers Depeche Mode who have been making hit music for 35 years.

Although the ‘Mode’ have not strayed away from political themes, such as in their mid-1980s songs such as “Everything Counts” and “People Are People”, the band has been careful in the past not to reveal their views on specific politicians such as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

Until now. Donald Trump is different. Promoting their new single “Wheres the Revolution?”, lead singer Gahan compared Trump to Adolf Hitler.

When asked about Trump, Gahan told Italian…

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