Different Applications of Thermal Spray

Metal spraying or thermal spraying, is one of the most popular coating process. In this process, metal or ceramic is sprayed on the surface of other material or metal. In the process, the metal or material, which has to sprayed, is chosen from a wide list. Some of the uses of the this process, includes the following:-

  • Galvanizing has become outdated:- there was a time, when galvanizing was the prime technique used to boost the life and immunity of any metal. However, introduction of thermal spray, has reduced its popularity. The current available options are not only more effective, but also clean,and looks very attractive. Whereas, during galvanizing, there used to be distortion in the shape of metal structures.


  • Reduced cost: – Metal spray takes place at a much reduced temperature. This is the reason; it does not cause any distortion, and allows safe treatment of sealed hollow fabrication. Apart from that, size of the structure is not any criterion, the process can be carried out on the site itself, and when the equipments can be turned off, and moved to safe place, when they are not being used. Such advantages help in reducing a huge amount of money.
  • Film sets: – Different kinds of props are used in movies and film industry. All these props are made up of polystyrene. Although, easy to manage and develop, they are vulnerable of getting easily damaged. This is the reason, zinc and steel is sprayed on them, to make them more tough and robust. Such spraying not only intensifies the strength of the props, but also reduces their proximity of getting dent.
  • Wind Turbines: – These turbines are the main constituent of any wind based power generator unit. However, they are also quite prone to atmospheric corrosion. To improve their life, efficiency and performance, almost all leading manufacturer apply zinc or zinc/aluminum alloy spray over them. Doing that, not only significantly increases their life, but also improves their performance, and reduces the maintenance and care required.
  • Oil components and Structures:- Oil industry is one of the largest consumer of metal. The industry requires the metals to develop pipes, different structures, risers and many other things. All these things, they need in their industry for a host of activities. However, these structures always remains exposed to harsh chemicals and elements. This is the reason, they are either made to go through PTA welding or aluminum is sprayed on them.


Apart from the above discussed, there are many other metal spray applications. The most significant aspect of this process, is that it boost the efficiency of the metal component or structure. This is the reason, almost every metallic tool and equipment manufacturing organizations are now making the best use of the technique.


2. Oil Industry – Pipes, Risers and Structures

Oil industry pipes, risers and structures are often exposed to harsh elements and oil and gas platform structures benefit from the application of thermal…

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