DNA Testing – The Authentic Test of Every Relationship?

Over the last couple of years, the world has taken to the use of DNA testing with sincerity and alacrity. This for obvious reasons has tempted more and more people to study about the test and if needed, get one. No doubt, this is the best example of the evolution of advanced yet complex technology into our society. DNA testing has successfully found its involvement in testing for ancestry to testing for all possible aspects of involvement in criminal activity. No wonder, it is the precise determination of close biological relationships where DNA testing has found its greatest proponent ever.

With the introduction of several DNA Testing Laboratories operating worldwide, it has become much easier for the general public to easily access and accept the offered services. People have witnessed many family law, inheritance, and social services cases being easily resolved using the advanced DNA testing technology.

Procedure and Practice

Most of the cases involving a prescribed DNA test are the ones in which attempts are made to prove that a tested male is, or is not, the true biological father of a tested child. In order to establish paternity in this manner, a portion of DNA is extracted from few cells taken by a cotton swab from the mouth in a painless and non-invasive procedure. Further, the DNA is examined on the prospects for regions of similarity between the tested individuals. The final DNA test report confirms if the tested man is or is not the biological father of the tested child. The authenticity and certainty of such a test is expected to be in excess of 99.999%.

Assumed Parentage

The superior technology involved in DNA testing can be a much more useful tool when it comes to relationships involving other than paternity testing. With the involvement of powerful statistical programmes and strategies, companies are today able to decipher many other prominent biological relationships as well. However, the figures for relatedness are not as strong as for direct paternity test. The evident use of DNA profiling has certainly become a key tool in the legal profession and is continuously witnessing developments with new applications.

Future Aspects

The sheer longevity of the DNA molecule is a clear indication that its power extends not just to the present and past but also to the future. Specimens that in many cases are years or even decades old can be tested, resulting in getting important information. This is generally taken in use in medical field so know the risk of developing a particular disease.

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