Do women really wish that Men should be on mars?

I have seen many people saying that women always make it better than men which I believe is absolutely true. However, contrary to this, men think that due to high unemployment rate it is difficult to find “men’s work” than “women’s work”, but they actually are not aware of the fact that women are more responsible and hard working as compared to men. There is a very long list that includes the tasks accomplished by women and some writers have even concluded that women are a gift of God and they should be given as much importance as men are given. These writers have offered numerous collections of humorous books which have their own style of interpreting the importance of females in our lives. Their main end of discussion always points towards a single direction i.e. women definitely extend your life by approximately two minutes after every minute which is better than anything.

Apart from this theory, when men are on budget, it only his women who craft some genius skills to balance the entire system and if he wants to make something big during the time, she will bake the cookies, knit gorgeous scarves and make personalized cute cards to assure that you her man has the best time and get something special which will be appreciated by all. He will be supported by her immense love and affection which on the other hand men never try to do. This is the reason why sometimes women wish that “men should be on mars” which actually does not mean that men should switch their place but it refers to the belief that men are not that much responsible towards females and somehow lack that caring factor which is important to show when you deal with women. Now if you think that my article is depriving the rights on men, them I am sorry to say, you are totally mistaken. I am just clarifying that it’s just your women who agonizes over her monthly bikini waxes. She is hilariously honest towards her duties and makes sure that she fulfills all the needs of her family. So, if a woman loves you by her heart, get it for her as she will always try her best to beautify your life as we’ll as your thinking. She will change your entire world and will make everything easy and simple for you. You will no more be asking any question like what have you prepared for breakfast? When I am supposed to do this task? Where are my clothes? She only will be the answer to all your doubt and queries. Moreover, the best thing will be that no one is going to repeat the phrase again i.e. men should be on mars.

Women have some unique qualities which you will find missing in men. They are born with management skills and when a woman comes into your life, everything gets managed itself. You will never see your stinking socks on the table and underwear’s near your study table. She will cover all your bad habits under the pillow and help you to resolve all your issues. Therefore, it s essential for everyone to understand their fellow female mates and try their level best to left her smiling all the time. Funny Book. The Perfect Book For Women. Great Gift. Like and Share and you could win the book “Men are From Mars Women Should Have A Penis”
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