Ensuring Equal Opportunity Initiated State-Imposed Feminist Tyranny

When people think of feminism, most think of equal opportunity for women. It’s simply an idea and, perhaps, a goal for some. But when feminists pushed to force equal opportunity on society they initiated a state tyranny that transforms society in their image and undermines equal opportunity and freedom. Here’s why…

Equal opportunity in a free society means each of us has equal protection under the law – the legal processes that protect our unalienable or fundamental rights (or liberty interests). Those rights include the right to choose who to associate with socially and in business. People, overall, will choose to advantage themselves and their businesses. Their free actions will produce the best advantages for all in the invisible hand fashion of Adam Smith – as America has shown.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the growth in opportunities for all races and both sexes in all areas was assured based on the increasing education of all and society’s natural trends against discrimination. Most favored policies that didn’t discriminate based on race and sex to allow whoever could compete to compete. That’s what freedom means.

But in the case of sex the idea that 50% – or any fraction – of women in every area of endeavor should prevail should simply be an idea or a goal of some people – not a forced outcome imposed by the state. That’s because equal opportunity doesn’t mean equal outcomes because we’re not all equal in all things.

Men and women are not physically equal, nor psychologically equal, generally; their proclivities tend differently and arise from the nature of their sex. Those differences that we all recognize as innate – aside from feminist propaganda on gender – would be expected to influence whatever unforced percentages would eventually occur.

Men certainly are more like each other than they are like women. But men shorter than the average male height don’t succeed as well as men taller than the average – and I’m not referring to basketball-type situations. But forcing outcomes based on height would be absurd. And, with regard to race, sports show how allowing freedom of choice to prevail advantages all. Setting outcomes in sports would be reprehensible to the meaning of competition.

*State-imposed feminism – its tyrannical approach:

Assuring equal opportunity ultimately has become ensuring outcomes; there’s no other way that assurance can be ‘ensured’ (i.e. guaranteed). That’s because discrimination was wrongfully affirmed as lack of acceptable outcomes. Therefore, state-imposed rules and incentives were devised to ‘ensure’ outcomes – feminist-prescribed outcomes – in all facets of society.

The mindset of feminist ideology endorses state-imposed ensured outcomes – outcomes that arise from only an apparent competition between men and women. But ensuring outcomes is tyrannical because it ultimately requires denying fundamental rights of persons. It prevents their free choice as individuals to choose who can work for them. And, most importantly, curtailing that free choice prevents the equal opportunity of the person who is forced not to be chosen.

We’re all familiar with government-imposed negation of choosing certain people – euphemistically called ‘taking affirmation action’ to choose women. This pre-empts the individual right of people to choose men, and for men not to be chosen – a clear denial of equal opportunity for men.

*Feminist mindset and state control of society’s outcomes:

Unfortunately, when the state established mechanisms to allow it to intimidate itself and business into ‘affirming denial of opportunity for men’ (i.e. privileging women at men’s expense), feminists began justifying the need for such state-imposed ‘greater good’ actions based on their propagandized oppression and victimization of women by men. Equal opportunity was ignored and a mindset for justifying ‘women preference’ according to the feminist’s social justice propaganda replaced it.

That feminist mindset of advocating for ‘greater good’ excuses to justify the state-enforced women-privileged outcomes has now expanded to create severe fundamental right deprivations of fathers and other men – far beyond undermining men’s equal opportunity for being chosen. After all, if you can impose or enforce an equal outcome by overriding the fundamental rights of men, you can also impose any outcome for whatever reason you want to propagandize for. And that’s what’s happening today.

With state-imposed feminism established, the laws and direction of society is now essentially determined by round table determinations by feminist-packed committees. Feminists now dominate curricular and behavior in education. Their female-advantaged – i.e. feminized – environments undermine the natural proclivities of boys and stifle their educational growth. The decreasing number of male graduates at all levels relative to females reflects this.

And what about the equal opportunity ensured by equal outcomes propagandized by feminism? Feminists demand forcing an increased representation of women if under 50% because men are oppressing women. But if representation of women exceeds men, then it’s OK; in that case it’s obviously due to some natural defectiveness in men – according to the feminists. It’s all part of the feminist fraud that is state-imposed feminism.

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