Federal Grant Programs For Native Americans

If we talk about real habitants of America then they are Native Americans. They settled in the land of America even before whites established their footholds in the American soil.

After several years of their subjugated life, American government is now realizing their contribution in making America the most culturally and economically vibrant nation.

Now government is opening doors not only to bring Native Americans into the main stream that makes America but also provide richness and variety to their own culture and identity.

Grants are provided for Native Americans under various categories but with the identification proof in the form of Proof of Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB), that should be presented for the Native Americans to get qualified themselves for the grants as well as proof that they truly belong to the tribe.

The grants they are eligible for are United States Fish and Wildlife Service: 2008, Tribal Wildlife Grants, Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants, Indian Adult Education, Minority Science and Engineering Improvement, Special diabetes program for Indians: Diabetes Prevention & Treatment Projects.

It is a hard fact that many of the Native Americans don’t have their identity proof, as they did not keep documentation therefore very less number of Native Americans could avail of this opportunity.

But those who could cross all the bureaucratic hurdles and get access to the grants then they can reach for more grants like Tribal Wildlife Grants, Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants, Indian Adult Education, or Minority Science and Engineering Improvement.

Under the Tribal Wild Life Grants, tribal groups can have financial and technical assistance to contribute in the preservation and care of fish and wildlife resources. The maximum grant money decided to award is around $ 200,000.

Under the Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants Program, promotion is given to tribal children to adopt and gain higher knowledge and skills in the food and agricultural sciences.

33 Tribal Colleges have been designated under the amended Land-Grant Institutions in the Equity in Educational Land-Grant Status Act 1994. Approximately total program funding was $ 3,200,000.00.

For providing health care among American Indians/Alaska Natives, government has come out with the special diabetes prevention and treatment services projects, which appear under their Project Grant Scheme.

Funds will be provided for meeting the cost of the primary, secondary, and tertiary diabetic prevention and treatment and collection of data. The amount will be awarded meeting both direct as well as indirect costs and should not be used for any other except for said purpose.

The organizations that are listed under the Public Health Service Act, as amended, are eligible for the grants to initiate such projects for the ultimate beneficiaries who are American Indians/Alaskan Natives.

Others in the category are Indian Adult Education, or Minority Science and Engineering Improvements.

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