Finding Great Archaeology Jobs – Are They Out There?

Archaeology jobs may seem unconventional, but they are gaining in popularity as much as any job opportunity at this time. The question you have to ask is how are archaeology jobs different from the rest? If you want to get down to the dirty details of what makes a good archaeology job, this article will do the trick.

Archaeology jobs are becoming quite popular of late. This is because as a career option archaeology is evolving very fast and the challenges it presents are really awesome. Archaeology as a field of study is becoming extremely popular- thanks to the latest developments in the field of science and invention of the new instruments. All these makes getting correct data and accurately interpreting them indeed easy. The techniques like carbon dating and DNA analysis have added a new facet to the study of Archaeology. And the increasing popularity of Archaeology as a subject has opened new vistas in Archaeology jobs. Do you want to know in details about the jobs? Read on.

Career Options

There are several archaeology jobs available after you complete your course in the subject. However it is always advisable for you to talk to a career counselor and decide what suits you the best. The first option you have is Field Archaeologist. This job involves undertaking field investigations, analyzing the findings and then publishing them. For this you will need a major in the subject and have to have prior field experience to bag the job. If you want Archaeology jobs another option is academic positions. You can join as a faculty in colleges and universities and for this you will need PhD in Archaeology. If you want to become a teacher in a community college you require Masters’ degree in Science or Arts with specialization in archaeology.

Another option for archaeology jobs is the museum positions. You can work either in the university museums or the public museums. You can be a technician, archivist or a curator. You will be required to carry out researches and publish the results but your primary duty will be to take care of the display and the artifacts. You need a Masters’ Degree to apply for this job. State and Federal positions are also great options in archaeology jobs. Departments that need archeologist include National Park Service, Forest Resource, and Water Resource. Departments like Bureau of Land Management, Cultural Resource Management and Highway Management may also hire archaeologist.

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