Finding UK’s Best Drama Schools

Being an actor is more than just facing the camera and delivering your lines. The acting profession requires a lot of sacrifice and hard work. It also requires years and years of training and attending drama schools and other acting seminars. Most of them even have degrees and master’s degrees to further boost their training.

There are several drama schools in the UK that aspiring actors can attend. This is where they can get proper training and tips from trained professionals. Drama schools provide proper guidance to its students. It provides opportunity for them to be trained under people who have spent a significant amount of time in the entertainment industry.

Best Drama Schools for Aspiring Actors

UK is a haven for aspiring actors. Next to Hollywood, some of the best drama schools are present in the area with some universities even offering degrees in acting and theatre. Here are some the best drama schools in the UK:

1.Central School for Speech and Drama

Elsie Fogerty founded the Central School for Speech and Drama in London in 1906. For more than a hundred years, the Central School for Speech and Drama has been one of the top drama schools in the UK. It offers proper training in speech delivery and acting. These are intended for young actors and other aspiring students.

The Central School for Speech and Drama also offers undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. They also offer Saturday acting schools and even summer courses for people who have work during the day. Partnering with the Douglas Academy of Dramatic art, both schools provide intensive training and career opportunities for their aspiring actors.

2.Guildhall School of Music and Drama

For more than a hundred and thirty years, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama was the first municipal music and drama school in the UK. Owned and administered by the Corporation of London, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama caters to around 700 aspiring actors and entertainers every year. One of this drama school’s most distinguished alums includes film and stage actor Ewan McGregor.

3.Oxford School of Drama

The Oxford School of Drama is one of the most competitive and elite drama schools in the country. The Oxford School is so exclusive that it only accepts 16 students for its one-year course and 18 for its three-year intensive drama course.

Tough competition defines the Oxford School of Drama. Most of UK’s elite aspiring actors battle it out for a spot in this very exclusive school. Famous alumni would include Lee Boardman and Christina Cole.

4.The Academy Drama School

The Academy Drama School was founded in 1985. It caters to aspiring actors who have all the desire to succeed in the entertainment industry but does not have enough resources to do so. The Academy Drama School offers quality and intensive two-year training through its professional trainers and educators.

The Road to Stardom

Being a good actor does not come overnight. These top drama schools provide the training needed for aspiring actors. It guides them to discover their potential and work their way up the tough competition in acting. Whether they want to make it big in London or eventually in Hollywood, investing time in these drama schools is the first step in achieving your dreams.

Hone you talents and be trained by seasoned professionals near you. Visit drama schools locally for more information about UK’s top schools and how you can get into one of them. Your road to stardom starts now.
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