Five teachers accused in Trojan horse affair free to return to classroom | Education

Five senior school leaders accused of involvement in the Trojan horse controversy in Birmingham are free to return to the classroom, after the government’s case against them was found to involve an “abuse of justice” by government lawyers.

The teachers were accused of allowing undue Islamist influence in the running of three Birmingham state schools. On Tuesday an independent disciplinary panel discontinued the proceedings against them, citing a repeated failure on the part of government lawyers to share crucial evidence.

The panel hearing the case at the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) in Coventry concluded that there had been an abuse of justice of such seriousness that it had no option but to end the hearings.

“It is fundamental to the proper administration of justice that the panel must be able to rely on the regulatory authority acting in a way which ensures the integrity of the process,” the panel concluded, in a decision that heavily criticised the Department for Education’s legal advisers.

It continued: “There has been an abuse of the process which is of such seriousness that it offends the panel’s sense of justice and propriety.”

Formal hearings began 18 months ago and involved dozens of witnesses. The outcome is likely to be an acute embarrassment for ministers who vowed to bar those involved in the Trojan horse affair from teaching.

The five teachers are Lindsey Clark, Monzoor Hussain and Hardeep Saini, all former principals of schools in the Park View Educational Trust in Birmingham, and Arshad Hussain and Razwan Faraz, who both held senior teaching positions at the trust’s schools.

The trust was at the centre of allegations of a lurid Trojan horse plot involving an Islamist “takeover” of several state schools in east Birmingham, laid out in an anonymous letter.

Andrew Faux, a lawyer who represented Monzoor Hussain, said the case against the teachers had been “fundamentally flawed”.

He said: “For…

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