Food as Medicine Can Relieve and Prevent Physician Burnout

Susan Lord MD

AMI Meditation and its allied disciplines optimize physiologic function from the cellular level on up, building health and resilience. –Susan Lord MD

Holistic physician Susan Lord MD will join the faculty of The American Meditation Institute (AMI) for its 9th annual 30 credit hour mind/body medicine CME conference on meditation, yoga and diaphragmatic breathing for physicians and other health care professionals, October 24-28, 2017 at the Cranwell Resort and Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts. Entitled “The Heart and Science of Yoga,” this comprehensive training, accredited through the Albany Medical College Office of Continuing Medical Education, is designed to help prevent and relieve physician stress and burnout.

Dr. Susan Lord graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and is in private practice in Great Barrington, MA focusing on prevention and treatment through mindful living and lifestyle changes. From 1996-2007, she served as Course Director for the “Food as Medicine” program at the Center for Mind/Body Medicine in Washington, DC.

At this year’s conference, Dr. Lord will present two CME lectures entitled “East Meets West” and “Food as Medicine.” In both talks Dr. Lord will explain how Yoga Science can help physicians understand how the body works, why illness occurs, and what the body needs to reestablish optimal function. According to Dr. Lord: “Yoga Science teaches us how to heal the physical, mental and emotional imbalances in the mind-body-sense complex. The practice of AMI Meditation and its allied disciplines optimize physiologic function from the cellular level on up, building health and resilience. As Hippocrates taught us long ago, food is medicine. For most people, when they choose what to eat, they choose their state of health.”

This entire 30 CME conference is dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive and evidence-based education to physicians and other health care providers. AMI’s CME conference will offer a broad curriculum of Yoga Science as mind/body medicine to enhance the health and wellbeing of healthcare providers and, in turn, their patients. Additional topics will include AMI Meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, mantra science, Yoga psychology, the chakra system as a diagnostic tool, Neuroplasticity, Trauma and PTSD, mind function optimization, food as medicine, healthcare burnout, functional medicine, epigenomics, Ayurveda, easy-gentle yoga and lymph system detoxification.

The dedication, enthusiasm, and teaching methodology of the entire AMI faculty create a dynamic and interactive course for attending physicians and other healthcare professionals. Each faculty member at this year’s CME conference is…

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