Free Traffic Generation With Article Writing

Here are 10 tips to effective article writing for free traffic to create quality articles that can get you traffic.

1. Write about what you know. And, write about what your reader may not know. You can write about things that people don’t have much information about, for example; “How to create your website in “FrontPage” Why Using a website yourself is better and how you can do it.

2. Research. Make sure you do some research to find out what are people looking for, what kind of question are they asking about your niche? This can help you write about popular topics that have many searches. You should always write when there is a good demand.

3. Organize your findings in the form of notes. You can write these notes in any format you want, but the best way I have found is to organize them in to bullet points. List the most important things that you want to share with your reader. Make the list as long as you’d like, more or less depending on the depth of information contained in each item. You probably don’t want to have too much information in one article. make them want more from you.

4. Structure your article. A good article usually consists of three main parts: an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Make the introduction brief, yet captivating. The body of your article should be designed so that it can be easily consumed by the reader, so avoid the long narratives. The conclusion is the final impression that you will leave your reader with, so keep it tight.

5. Its OK to do many drafts. You can start by drafting what you want to write, your thoughts, and points you want to elaborate, after that you can rearrange the points to write the actual article.

6. Collaborate with a peer. There is nothing worse then producing in a vacuum. Without critical feedback you will never whether your article conveys the sentiments you want or if the quality is good enough. Get it right by getting feedback before you publish.

7. Here are a few places to go to get your writing juices flowing to give you an idea what you can write about:

User forums

Chat rooms

Public media like television, radio and blogs

Publications such as Newspapers, Newsletters, and Magazines

8. Choose a good format for your article. Try to format your articles in point form such as numbered points or bullet points or even a step-by-step. Readers love to read articles that teaches them things in points or steps.

9. Make your article SEO friendly. To make your articles good on search engines, use the keywords chosen in your title, your body and conclusion, up to a keyword density of 3% and below.

10. Choose a Good Title. Try to avoid generic title like ‘How To Write An Article’. Instead, engage your reader and leverages the search engines with specificity. Choose a title like ‘How To Write Articles To Build Your Website Traffic’. Your articles will have much more credibility this way.

Free traffic from the internet is possible, knowing these 10 points about writing articles, you will get not only massive traffic, but also targeted traffic to your website.

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