Green Card Marriage Can Help You To Be A Permanent Member of U.S

It would not be a new thing if it is said that most of the people are marrying to the foreign people just for the sake of getting green card and obvoiusly it is against the laws. With it we mean not to say that to apply for the green card is wrong but to apply it through the wrong ways is against the laws otherwise to marry a person whom you love and in a relationship falls under the law. By marrying an American person you can be eligible to get a valid green card and thus you are able to become a permanent member of U.S. Actually there are various ways to acquire a green card and some of these are explained below:-

Through Employer Sponsorship

You can acqiure green card through employer sponsorship but it is really not an easy task as it needs a lot of verifications and obviously a lot of time. But it is a valid way to aquire a green card.

Through Lottery

It is the other valid way to acqire the green card as there are approximately 50000 green card lottery is offered to the people of various countries and for this the procedure is online, means to say that people can apply their applications for green card online. There is one more way through which people can acquire green card and that is through green card marriage which is discussed below.

Through Green Card Marriage

It is really a right way to be a permanent member of the U.S but as discussed above most of the people used it in a wrong way. Yes, for the sake of getting a green card they just marry the people of that country and after that leave the relationship and it is totally against the law of the country. You can really become the permanent member of U.S and also can enjoy all the facilities which a member of U.S is enjoying but to make marriage a ladder to step up to acquire green card is wrong.
So if you want to aquire the green card through marriage then it should be a valid and legal marriage.

So, you can apply for the green card through any above discussed method but the most important thing which is always need to keep in mind is that the way can be obviously any but must be legal because once if you are caught with the wrong way then you would never be able to go for the right way to aquire the green card. As the people who are found to be fraud once are never trusted again, so enjoy the green card facilities but through the valid ways.

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