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1) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews an individual’s writing styles (an autographs reputation) change throughout the lifespan of a person; a signature of President George Washington (c. 1795) will be different from one when he was an 18-year-old land surveyor. After British Admiral Nelson lost his right arm at the Tenerife sea-battle in 1797, he switched to using his left hand. However, the degree of change may vary greatly. The signatures of Washington and Lincoln changed only slightly during their adult lives, while John F. Kennedy’s signature was different virtually every time he signed.

2) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews other factors affect an individual’s signature, including their level of education, health, reputation and so on. Many individuals have much more fanciful signatures than their normal cursive writing, including elaborate ascenders, descenders and exotic flourishes, much as one would find in calligraphic writing.

3) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews Some of the most popular categories of autograph subjects are Presidents, military figures, sports, popular culture, artists, social and religious leaders, scientists, astronauts and authors.

4) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews the celebrities who sometimes authorized secretaries to sign their correspondence. Since the early 1950s almost all American presidents have had an autopen or robot machine for the automatic signing of a signature as an autograph machine for their letters, photographs, books, and even official documents.

5) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews personalities that have used a rubber or steel hand-stamp to “sign” their documents.

6) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews the recent enormous growth of autograph sellers on eBay, check to make sure they have the highest rating and that they have not been banned by Ebay.

7) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews people who will stand outside premieres etc. and ask for autographs are actually professional autograph traders, who then sell the autographs for full profit, rather than fans interested in the star itself or in even keeping the autograph.

8) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews Celebrity Autographs at Conventions, Games and other Events for their Authenticity.

9) Guaranteed Autographs Reviews products such as Autographed Baseballs Public Signings, Private Signings

10) How to find Public Signings, Private Signings in your area:

a) Look for information posted in local publications, such as newspapers. Many public sports-related autograph events will be listed in a calendar of events or “Weekend Happenings” section.

b) Contact the fan information office for local sports teams in your area. They usually have a list of autograph events involving their players or events occurring at their venue, such as an old-timer’s day.

c) Subscribe to autograph-collecting publications, “Beckett Sports Card Monthly” and “Sports Collectors Digest,” which have a listing of local, regional and national autograph-signing events.

d) Contact local…

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