How a British village ruffled some feathers to highlight pothole problem – Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador isn’t the only place with a pothole problem — you can find them everywhere. But one community council in England took some ‘fowl’ measures to get action.

Helen Wright is a councillor in the community of Steeple Aston, in Oxfordshire, which — like many Canadian towns — is plagued with potholes.

‘People might say we’re quackers, but I think it might have had a result.’
– Helen Wright, Oxfordshire

“The surface [of the road] is really bad, it just reached a level where the community got fed up,” Wright told CBC Radio’s Central Morning Show

“We felt the highways [department] had been ducking the potholes for too long.”

Wright suggested putting some potted plants in the potholes to raise awareness, but her neighbour had another idea.

“Another councillor pipes up and he said, ‘actually I’ve got several hundred yellow rubber ducks in my garage, you know the kind that you might have in the bathtub,'” she said.

Wright’s son was thrilled with the idea of filling potholes with rubber ducks. (Submitted by Helen Wright)

“It’s meant to rain this week, why don’t we get them out bobbing around in these potholes.”

The ducks were left over from a charity event which the councillor had been involved in.

“It was such a funny sight, I had my three-year-old with me and he loved it, in his Wellie boots helping put out these ducks,” Wright said.

Danger for seniors, cyclists

Residents approved of the stunt, and people slowed their cars to give a thumbs-up sign of encouragement, as they filled the holes with little, yellow, rubber warning signs.

“We’re amazed at how this has really caught on,” Wright said.

“Excuse the pun, but I think we’ve really ruffled some feathers with this one.”

For Wright, the rubber ducks are a fun way to highlight a serious issue.

“We’ve seen people out from the highways [department], looking at the surface of the road and finally assessing it,” she said.

The ducks, left over from a…

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