How crazy will artificial intelligence become

Any sci-fi movie will tell us that artificial intelligence whether it’s robots or supercomputers, will eventually take over the world and try to destroy mankind. Well, believe it or not, world-renown scientist Stephen Hawking’s holds similar views. According to Hawking’s artificially intelligent machines could kill us because they are too clever. He believes that any super intelligent machine can be extremely capable at accomplishing its goals, the only problem is if those goals done, match with ours.

Then we might be facing a situation similar to Terminator-style Evil A1. He believes machines can become more clever than humans and that eventually will result in an “intelligence explosion” This basically means that the machines will engineer themselves to become far more intelligent than humans beings and our own intellect will be put to the test.

So does this mean that the future of artificial intelligence is as crazy as it sounds? Well, so far artificial intelligence is slowly seeping into our lives and our jobs. With most jobs now being performed by machines, and our leisure oriented lifestyles we are becoming more dependent on this artificial intelligence to do our jobs for us.

With future predictions towards more than 50% of jobs being taken over by machine, this basically means that we are putting ourselves and our comfort in the hands of artificial intelligence. There is no question that this may eventually bite us back in the butt.

So far artificial intelligence is still in its very primitive form, but further developments and advancements may even lead to something that can surpass our own human capabilities. That sounds crazy doesn’t it? But many scientists believe that humans that are slow n biological evolution would fail to compete with rapidly evolving artificial intelligence and would eventually be superseded. There is still the question of “can machines think?” But scientists discuss how machines do have the ability to learn, and even though this means that intelligence would spread rapidly and many complicated tasks and problem could be solved by computers, there is still much speculation as to what this would entail for human beings.

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