How Does The Inklink Continuous Ink Supply System Work?

Do your run and operate a company that makes substantial use of printers? If so, then you most likely know how expensive it can be to replace your ink cartridges.  Based on the size of your business and the amount of printer use that you conduct every day you could potentially be spending hundreds to thousands of dollars a week on replacement cartridges.  

Now consider your yearly spending budget and the final cost of printer ink replacements that you are forced to purchase every year.  This price is probably quite staggering.  

The problem is that there are no signs in the current marketplace that the cost of inkjet replacements will decline. Therefore, you will be forced to continue to overspend your budget every year on these much needed cartridges.

Even if you are a simple personal computer user that makes frequent use of your printer you could be spending over a thousand dollars a year in printer ink replacement cartridges.  If you are a student this final cost may even be higher.  

With these prices in mind you will need to begin considering inkjet replacement options that are much more affordable.  The good news is that there are a variety of popular and effective options available to people who wish to save money on their inkjet cartridge replacement needs.

The only options that most people are familiar with are the replacement ink injection kits.  These are ink kits that make use of a needle like tool that actually injects ink into your existing printer cartridges.  The problem with this option is that it is very messy and that the ink generally dries up or smears when used.  This is why this option is generally not considered by professional organizations that are looking to save money on replacement cartridges.

If you truly want to save yourself time and ultimately money then you should consider the Inklink continuous ink supply system from RIHAC.  This is a unique ink distribution system that has grown in popularity in recent years.  With this system you can easily begin to save big money on printer ink every year.

The Inklink continuous ink supply system is a device which you place next to your printer.  You connect tubes from the Inklink continuous ink supply system to your printers preexisting ink cartridges.  When you begin to use your printer the Inklink continuous ink supply system will feed ink to your cartridge without interrupting the printing process.

The ink used in the Inklink continuous ink supply system is of the highest quality and can even be used when printing photographs.  It dries quickly and is just as effective as ink found in your printer’s current inkjet cartridge.

If you want to save yourself money on printer ink then you should really consider the Inklink continuous ink supply system from RIHAC.  It will save you money and will also save you from the hassle of constantly having to purchase and install new inkjet cartridges into your printer.

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