How to Buy Smart at International Duty Free Shops?

Who does not like to gain the maximum returns on each and every penny spent? And who does not like to shop for high-end luxury items if they are available at a discounted price? Is it possible to buy such merchandise at a pocket-friendly price? Yes, duty free shopping provides just that. Not only can you get the most luxurious and genuine products at cheap price, but you can also have a variety of options to choose from. All products are genuine, purchased directly from the manufacturer and are sold at pocket-friendly prices.
Duty is a tax that is levied on the products that are to be sold within the country. When a customer who is leaving the country wishes to purchase these products, the government often waives this fee. Thus, the ‘leaving customers’ who buy these products from the duty free shops are not liable to pay this duty and hence, get these products at a good discounted price. The price as compared to the same items sold at retail stores is usually lesser than 30%. Some goods are even sold at almost 50% discount. In some countries, the customers even have the options of claiming a tax refund if they buy from certain retail stores that are located near the international zones. However, it is subject to applicable laws. But in any case, it is not as convenient as buying ‘duty free’.
Duty free products are easily found in the areas where international travelers are found. It could be in the border towns, international airports, cruise ships, ports as well as on-board international flights. It is important to find out the rules and regulations of the specific country where you wish to buy duty free products as sometimes, the limit is set per item and sometimes, on the total value of the merchandise that is offered tax free.
There are many advantages that are linked with duty free shopping. You get the chance to try out the new products which are being test marketed by the big brands in the international duty free shops. These products are usually not available in the retail market. Such merchandise makes a great gift for your friends and family as they are novelty items. In fact, even you can enjoy using them. Since the time gap between the check-in and departure of the flight involves a few hours, there are some travelers who utilize their time to shop duty free.
The international duty free shops offer a wide range of products to choose from. Ranging from wines and spirits, tobacco and cigarettes, perfumes and cosmetics, health products and confectionaries, high-end jewelry and watches, the list is quite large. These items are usually offered at a very reasonable price as they do not include any VAT, sales tax or customs duty, thus, making them more attractive in the terms of price. These products are sold duty free to those travelers who are leaving the country and hence, are not liable to pay this duty.

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