How To Find The Best Auto Body Shop In Los Angeles

When it comes to car repairs, it’s always best to find a body shop you can trust. And you’ll find that’s often easier said than done! Many body shops will take your money and do a poor quality job, leaving you in the lurch with a car that’s not properly road-worthy. It’s worth taking the time to search for a body shop with a reputation for customer service, years of experience, and professional facilities.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best auto body shop in Los Angeles:
Once you’ve found a body shop near Los Angeles that looks like a good option, take time to call and ask if they are a “Preferred Provider” or a “Direct Repair Shop” for an insurance company. If they say “yes”, it’s a sign they may not be right for you. These body shops have contracts with insurance companies, and they are more likely to cut corners on the repairs just to keep costs low. You may not get a quality repair from these shops!

Visit the store as a “mystery shopper”. Ask for advice on choosing the right insurance company, and listen to their answer. A good auto body shop will be willing to tell you the pros and cons of each insurance company, while a “Direct Repair Shop” will put down other insurance companies in favor of the one with whom they have a contract. This bias is a bad sign!
When talking with the body shop, ask about how they will estimate the value of the repair. If they use the insurance company’s estimate, it means they will often cut corners to keep costs low. A good body shop will generate its own estimate, one that takes into account ALL of the repairs that need to be done. While the estimate may be a bit higher, it’s worth it to get the care fixed properly. Independent body shops prefer to generate their own estimates.

Ask them about any consumer advocacy policies they may have. Good body shops will provide as much information to their customers as possible, teaching them things insurance companies would rather they didn’t know. A trustworthy body shop will walk you through the claims process, ensuring YOU get the best deal possible.

Follow this advice, and you’ll find the best auto body shop in Los Angeles!

Network Auto Body is proud to serve the Greater Los Angeles Area, offering top-quality repairs, peerless customer service, and a family-run service.

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