How to Select a Wedding Cake For Your D-Day

Planning for your wedding? In a wedding reception a wedding dress is the most important. You spend a lot of time to make the bridaldress beautiful to make it as a centre of attraction. Brides plan their wedding dress months before their wedding.Like the wedding  dress there is one more element which grabs the 2nd most attraction in the party, the wedding cake. Most of the would-be brides love selecting their wedding cake. It is one of the favorite part of their wedding planning.

Selecting the cake and making it unique will be tricky and needs a compact planning. The planning includes budget, design, size, style, value for money. Given below is the detail of how you should select your wedding cake.

Budget: This is the crucial factor, which you need to consider when selecting your wedding cake. You may not be able to opt for that same design, which your friend or relative have ordered on their wedding due to lack of funds but you can at least look online for finding wedding cakes that are within your budget. 

Plan your design: Make the design according your preference in coordination with your budget. You may have a concept and ideas in your mind. Make them come true. Consult with the confectioner and convey your desire and ideas. If you have any special requirements do not hesitate to confront that.

Make the size according to the guest count: This is also a determining factor. You would not want any of your guest go without having the wedding cake. So, make sure that the size you order is the appropriate one. Here also comes the role of your confectioner. Consult with him on the size and quality. He will give you a perfect idea for that. Also keep in mind the portion size that you are going to give to the guests.

Style:  Every cake designer has his own style of making the cake. You need to check that out first before finalizing your order. Take a sample of his cake and see the style of it. You can also taste it and then ask him to make the minor…

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