Illinois’ hospital safety ranking drops to 23rd in nation

Illinois’ ranking for hospital safety dipped this year to 23rd in the nation, down from 15th last fall, according to a report released Wednesday.

The report, produced by The Leapfrog Group, assigned grades to hospitals across the country for patient safety and then ranked states based on the percentage of their hospitals that earned A’s.

In Illinois, 38 of the 113 hospitals graded received A’s. None received F’s.

Leapfrog calculates hospitals’ grades based on a number of measures, including the rates of hospital-associated infections, patient falls, accidental punctures and lacerations, deaths from treatable complications after surgery and physician staffing in intensive care units, among others. To see individual hospitals’ grades, go to

Such grades can be an important tool for consumers trying to choose a hospital, said Larry Boress, regional coordinator for Leapfrog in Illinois and president and CEO of the Midwest Business Group on Health.

“If people are going for care and their doctor has recommended they go to a certain hospital and they see their hospital is not rated well, they need to ask their doctor if there are other options or if there’s a reason they selected that hospital,” Boress said.

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