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These days, all the parents aspire to do their homework even before the baby is born. They read books and go through journals online to understand which way to bring up their children. Here are some meticulously crafted parenting tips that ensure to help you through this beautiful journey:

Balancing freedom and discipline

Parenting is a complex practice, perfecting which requires a lifetime of understanding a severe spectrum of conditions. It begins even before the baby is born and then keeps continuing throughout one’s life. Its importance lies in its ability to shape a young one’s life and carve a better human being out of a kid. If you go by some trusted tips on parenting, children are like soft clay and good parenting plays the vital role of contouring it. One of the most important keys to master the art of parenting is learning how to strike the right balance between freedom and discipline. Kids must know that they have all your support in the right things and that standing up for bad things is strictly unappreciated. According to educationist parenting experts, discipline them, for they need to understand the responsibility of a good citizen; but also keep them free of any fears that can haunt their future later on as an adult. Take the giant leap of faith as responsible parents and you will never be led down!

Be a good listener

A kid has a lot of stories to tell even before he learns to speak, stories which display his fears, stories which will make you the best company he can have. However, to hear it all, the child must be assured that he will be heard, understood and talked back to with the same zeal. Hearing kids might serve as a stepping stone in their overall development. An educationist parenting expert realizes that physical presence may be difficult to always maintain but by becoming a good listener, you can be a part of all their whereabouts. Your little bundle of joy shares a unique relationship with you and this is why telling you all about his day makes him feel flabbergasted. Sometimes his grammar will be wrong and sometimes he might not even pronounce the words correctly, but take some time out to join all those scattered pieces and make memorable stories out of them every day. One of the best tips on parenting is to never miss on being a good listener and earn a lifetime bond with your little one!

Let them be themselves

Most of us will relate to the memories of our parents comparing us to our cousins, friends or neighbours and trust us; it won’t be a pretty happy memory. When we have come to the conclusion that like different fingers of a hand, no two children can be the same; why do we keep comparing them to the ones we think are brighter. Trusted tips on parenting reveal that this common practice can break a child’s confidence and even minimize his ability to discover his own hidden talents. Many parents have recognized the independent personality of their little ones after listening to parenting tips of skilled parenting experts.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta is one of the most sought-after parenting experts in India and she is a knowledgeable ocean of such life-changing parenting tips. So, if you ever feel lost, visit a parenting seminar by this experienced educationist and notice how things around you start to change.

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