Inquiry into alleged fraud at Goal included claims involving senior management

A US government investigation into alleged fraud at the aid agency Goal included an examination of claims involving members of its senior management team and field offices, an official report has stated.

However, the report by USAid, the US government’s overseas aid arm, confirms that it has decided not to suspend or disbar Goal from American funding. Instead, having received assurances from Goal about changes to its corporate governance and internal controls, USAid will continue to fund the agency as long as it adheres to a strict set of conditions.

That decision is a major boost for Goal. The charity was thrown into crisis in April 2016 when it was drawn into an investigation by the US Office of the Inspector General (OIG) into alleged collusion and bid-rigging in southern Turkey, from which Goal and other aid agencies ran their Syria operations. At the time, USAid ordered Goal to halt procurement in Syria using certain US money and the Department of Foreign Affairs withheld millions of euro in pledged funding.

Under the terms of an administrative agreement between Goal and USAid, published on Wednesday, the Dún Laoghaire-based outfit accepts responsibility for “procurement system weaknesses, mishandling of conflicts of interest, and an inadequate investigation function that compromised the integrity of its USAid-funded awards.”


Outlining the claims at the centre of the case, the agreement states that the OIG investigated “alleged corrupt activities of certain Goal employees and various related failures of the organisation’s internal controls and procurement…

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