iPhone apps that are worth paying for

As an iPhone user you too might be on the lookout for freely available apps that will enhance your experience. However, it is not always that you should opt for the free apps only. The  paid apps are required as well. Here is a list of paid apps that you would like to have on your iPhone and these are not expensive either.

Offline saving

Often while surfing you might find a web page that you want to save for reading when you are offline. This is made possible by Safari where you can bookmark a page to read it offline. However, if you are looking for an option to read a webpage using another browser then download Instapaper. This app is created by Macro Arment for iDevices. After downloading this app all you need to do is select the read Later bookmarklet by Instapaper. This is a bookmark by the app that is enabled by JavaScript. This allows you to read the web page whenever you want. This app is available for $3.99 only.

Picture transitions

OldBooth is priced at $1.99 that is designed to have fun with your pictures. This app allows you to transform a full-face picture into a funny picture. There are various transitions to choose from.  It is more like a retro feel app that brings fun and adds zing  to your pictures. You can also opt for OldBooth Lite which is a free version.. This version will only give you limited masks for transforming your pictures.

Taking time off

Ever wondered how to immediately get rid of that boring meeting or put an end to a conversation without letting the other people know about it?  Well, if this is so then now you have an app for it called the GottaGo app available for $1.99. This app is specially designed to create a fake phone call or a message that will appear on your iPhone screen at a chosen time. You can create settings for receiving that fake text message or fake call at a given time to bail out of a boring meeting. Your iPhone will chime or ring when it receives that call. The best thing is that no one would be able to make out if it is real or fake. Additionally you can assign an image to the call to make it look more realistic when the incoming call flashes on the screen. One more interesting thing that you can do is add an audio to the call. This way when you answer it seems more real that there is a voice of caller on the other side. Other things include adding a ringtone and wallpaper.

Vocabulary game

WordsWorth is an app that will help you increase your vocabulary. It is a word game where you create words by tapping your iPhone screen. You need to ap the letters and create a word, for scoring more points you can use letters like u,q, j or z. This game also comprises  tiles like green bonuses, red timers and blue wild cards. To increase your scores you can use the gold tile. There is a time limit with timer tiles that gives you limited time to complete a word by your chosen letter. If you are able to do it within the stipulated time then you win or else you lose. You can download this app for…

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