Jjumpp Empowers Small Business Owners

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We believe it’s crucial that our customers know exactly what we’re doing for them.

Jjumpp today made note of the advanced analytics and decision-making data that they provide to customers.

Something online presence management companies often hear from business owners is that they don’t see a ROI on their investment; that they don’t have any quantifiable way to determine whether or not the marketing agency is actually bringing any value to their business. This is often because these marketing agencies provide very limited information to their customers. They don’t seem to think that these business owners are able to understand the more “sophisticated data” that would help them understand the agency’s value to them. In order to rectify this issue, Jjumpp works to provide small business owners with more comprehensive analytics, and works with these business owners to find the right way to interpret them.

Customers won’t need a phone book-sized manual to interpret their data, either–Jjumpp works to make all of their analytics reports legible and easy to understand. If any confusion arises, their customer service team can easily be reached by phone or email at any time. Jjumpp knows that business owners generally aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of online presence management, but it believes that helping these business owners understand exactly what is going on will ultimately lead to more successful and rewarding relationships.

“Marketing agencies are all about results, but business owners are all about their bottom line. The problem is that the agency and the business owner don’t define ‘results’ the same way,” said Jjumpp COO Amber Johnson. “The problem I found speaking with business owners was that they don’t see a ROI…

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