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Our weather is actually turning out rather pleasant this weekend. Here’s a funny story for you…yesterday I was at Sams Club poking around and there was a couple with their two kids within earshot. The man was on the phone and for quite some time was telling whoever he was talking too about all the rain that was in the forecast for today. Obviously I knew that wasn’t going to happen but I didn’t want to speak up and tell him the actual situation…anyway this went on for what seemed to me to be more than a typical length of time…he must’ve said that it was going to rain all day long about 10 times to whomever he was talking too. Finally I spoke up…told him everything would be fine…he relayed that to the person he was talking too…and I thought to myself “job well done”. The kicker is…I don’t think that person knew who I was at all…not a clue.


Tonight: Clear and chilly with lows dipping into the upper 30s for some along with the potential of some patchy frost in the outlying areas.

Sunday: Mostly sunny and nice with highs around 70°

Monday: Windy and warmer with sunny skies. Highs in the mid 70s. South winds of 20-30 MPH


Some nice weather out there as the storm, which we figured would drop the better rains well south of KC…did indeed do that. Rain amounts towards S MO were easily over 2″ in many areas and there was flash flooding down in southern MO.

The midday satellite picture shows the clearing spreading from the north to the south this afternoon. It’s pretty nice in KC right now…farther south still lots of clouds.

By the way…I don’t think I’ve posted this information before but here is a link to the new satellite pictures we’re receiving from the GOES 16 satellite. The resolution is better…they’re updated every 5 minutes…and in some cases every minute(!) and you can see lots of things not easily seen before. For example, depending on when you read the blog today…you may notice a small little “eddy” (swirl) in NW MO…just spinning around harmlessly…interesting though.

Here is the link…notice all the sectors available.

Moving on…

Not much going on Sunday or Monday. There will be an important front though moving into the region Tuesday night. That front has long term impacts on the weather in the region towards the end of the week. Ahead of the front the winds will get cranked up again on Monday and Tuesday. South winds of 25-35 MPH are possible. The cold front will be off towards the west of here in the afternoon Tuesday. Here is the forecast map for 1PM Tuesday from the NAM model.

We should get thunderstorms with that scenario BUT…there is going to be another strong cap building into the region on Tuesday. This again may limit the storm potential. The cap should start to weaken somewhat towards evening but by then I’m not sure how unstable we’ll be. I may insert an evening chance…

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