Joox bucks audio trend|

HONG KONG: Surprisingly, for a music-streaming site, Tencent-owned Joox eschews audio advertising, preferring to focus its monetisation efforts on video and interactive advertising formats, at which it claims some success.

“We don’t believe in conversion with traditional audio ads,” stated Poshu Yeung, VP/International Business Group at Tencent. He admitted to Campaign Asia-Pacific that users might well expect to hear such ads, “but we have to consider how to sell to them in the best way”.

“You really can’t measure the performance of audio ads,” he added. “We do offer audio ads, but we tell our clients that we can’t provide good report results.”

The thinking at Joox is that app users – only 1% of its users use a browser – click on the screen several times choosing songs before starting to listen so “there are many ‘eyeball touchpoints’ on the screen for our video ads to…

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