Kayaking Groups

As kayaking became a widely practiced sport, several kayaking groups and associations emerged across several countries. These groups provided a great forum for amateur and experienced kayakers to learn and upgrade their skills as well as interact with other kayakers. These groups also provided opportunities for paddlers to explore several kayaking locations, which otherwise would not have been explored.

Kayaking Groups in the United States

Almost every state in the US has several kayaking groups that conduct regular kayaking activities and have huge following. Some of the leading American kayaking groups were as follows:

Outdoors for Beginners: A Washington DC-based group, Outdoors for Beginners is a group for those who enjoy all outdoors activities. Members can discuss, learn and practice adventure activities like hiking, camping and backpacking. Kayaking is yet another mainstay of this group with the advantage being that novices can learn the basics of paddling through this group.

Triangle Hiking & Outdoors Group: Founded in August 2006, the Triangle Hiking & Outdoors Group holds about 20 to 30 events every month that cover exciting outdoor activities like backpacking, skiing, bicycling, hiking, rafting and kayaking. The group is based in Raleigh, NC and currently has more than 2000 members in its group.

Tampa Adventure Group (TAG): Based in Tampa, Florida, the TAG was founded in September 2005. The TAG has a reputation of being one of the finest adventure group and all its members have impressive track records in various adventure activities. Kayaking too is one of its foremost activities and the group organizes regular discussions on various aspects of kayaking. Paddlers can also plan several kayaking excursions with the group members.

DC/MD/VA Adventures: Yet another Washington-DC based adventure group, the DC/MD/VA Adventures group comprises of almost 5000 members. The group organizes events that encompass activities like camping, caving, hiking, skiing, sky diving, whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Like for each of its activities, the group organizes regular kayaking camps at some of the most popular kayaking destinations. The group provides a great chance for kayaking enthusiasts to interact with experienced kayakers and get tips on kayaking.
The group was founded in June, 2006.

Kayaking Groups 2009: There are several kayaking groups that have started in 2009 and are slowly acquiring new members. Some of the latest adventure groups that feature kayaking include NYC Thrill Seekers, San Jose Casual Kayakers, Lehigh Valley Great Outdoors Club, Energized! Outdoor Adventures and GoneKayaking.
Kayaking Groups in Europe

Like the US, there are several kayaking groups in Europe that provide great opportunities for kayaking enthusiasts to explore the European waterways. Among the numerous kayaking groups, some of the popular groups are as follows:

East Anglian Sea Kayakers: Based in East Anglia in Essex, UK, the East Anglian Sea Kayakers organize regular sea kayaking sessions on the various kayaking rivers, creeks and sea fronts in the East Anglian region.

Irish Sea Kayaking Association: One of the leading sea kayaking associations for Irish kayakers, the ISKA is actively involved in the promotion and development of kayaking in Ireland.

Being a part of a kayaking group is a good idea for those who wish to take up kayaking not just for recreation but at a more serious level.

As a kayaking expert and author, Marc Fredmen provides guidance for beginners on every aspect of kayaking. Know more about the benefits of enrolling in a kayaking school here.
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