Lancaster’s ex-supervisor turns his attention from boardroom to weight room

Feisty Dino Fudoli disappeared from politics last November after a crushing loss in his campaign for re-election as Lancaster town supervisor.

He said his time in politics – first as county legislator and then as the Republican supervisor of a heavily Democratic town – left him disillusioned.

“I was in politics for six years,” he said. “Not one single person who was on that town board with me was there for the people. They were there for their own paychecks and how many family members they could get on the town rolls. I don’t even belong to the Republican committee anymore. I don’t do anything in politics. I don’t go to board meetings. I pulled that chapter and started a new one.”

Instead of running a town – and having run-ins with everyone from the Lancaster School District’s Board of Education to the town police to unions representing town workers – Fudoli is now a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer.

And judging from the Mr./Ms. Buffalo bodybuilding competition earlier this month in Niagara Falls, where Fudoli won three trophies, Fudoli’s muscle flexing upsets fewer people now than when he was a politician.

Former Lancaster Town Supervisor Dino Fudoli poses while competing in the Mr./Ms. Buffalo bodybuilding competition on April 1, 2017, in Niagara Falls. (Photo by Anthony Sbriglia/Provided by Dino Fudoli)

“I wasn’t crazy about getting on stage in Speedos at age 46,” said Fudoli. “Your skin isn’t as tight as it used to be when you were 20. It wasn’t until I was halfway through my diet that someone told me: ‘You’re still built like a bodybuilder. You need to get on stage.’ When I came in as tight as I did, I didn’t hesitate at all. A lot of the judges even said my legs were some of the best in the show.”

“I’ve put (personal training) clients on the stage before,” he said. “I decided it was time to take that leap myself. I did the show to build my business. I wanted to challenge myself. Can I do this and be successful?”

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