Letter from President Trump lifts 11-year-old Locker Board entrepreneur – Orange County Register

Not a lot of 11-year-old entrepreneurs can say they’ve received a letter from the president of the United States, admiring their workmanship.

Then again, not many are as bold as Carson Kropfl, who in January rode his skateboard into Trump Tower in New York City and left a note on a paper napkin for the then president-elect, offering to send one of the San Clemente boy’s Locker Board skateboards to the White House for Donald Trump’s son, Barron.

“Shred hard … Carson,” he signed the note.

The sixth-grader, whose first day of middle school last August had convinced him that there must be a market for a mini skateboard that could fit into a locker, has become inventor of the Locker Board.

Now he is the proud owner of a letter from President Trump. “I am impressed by your craftsmanship and business spirit,” the letter said.

The boy posted the letter on social media. “It’s like probably one of the best feelings of my life,” he said. Of course, he wasn’t ready for the strong feedback it would generate – 90 percent very supportive, some rather strongly not supportive, his mother Carrie said.

It has been a learning experience, Carrie said, and Carson has learned to focus on the positives, like the way his fan base…

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