LifePaths Counseling Center Is Pleased To Announce New Counselor

Jill Hughes, MA, New Counselor with LifePaths Counseling Center

LifePaths Counseling Center has announced that they have brought Jill Hughes, MA, on their clinical staff.

Ms. Hughes has been in the counseling profession since 2000 and has worked with many people as individuals, couples and families. Now LifePaths clients are able to benefit from her talent and experience.

Some of the issues that Jill is particularly gifted at working with are trauma, postpartum depression, relationship issues, and survivors of Narcissistic/Borderline family systems. She has received additional training in these areas beyond her graduate degree and has been able to help hundreds of people with dealing with these issues.

Her work with trauma includes conducting EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy with clients who have experienced trauma. She sees her clients as survivors, not victims – empowering them to not only heal from terrible circumstances that happened to them but to thrive.

In her work with postpartum depression, she brings experience and knowledge from studying with Karen Kleiman, LCSW, an author and expert on postpartum depression.

Jill has also been very successful in helping couples and families work through issues together to strengthen the bond they have and heal from problems that have entered their lives. She helps couples with communication, intimacy issues, and recovering from betrayals.

Her training to work with survivors of Narcissistic or Borderline family systems has been with Karyl McBride, Ph.D.

She is also conducting workshops and classes through LifePaths as well as other organizations, and will soon be conducting SMART Recovery© meetings sponsored by LifePaths Counseling Center in the Littleton/Ken Caryl area.

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