Make Sure Your Children Are Prepared With A Children’s Survival Kit – Don’t Take Chances With Emergencies!

Zombies are all the rage nowadays – even the CDC had them on their website. Don’t worry, we all know that zombies are not real. But situations where survival is not guaranteed are all too often real.

Many times these are events of nature, and sometimes they are the result of poor planning over the long range by city, county and national leaders. Educate yourself about your local area, and if any types of disaster arte prevalent in your area. In parts of California there are multiple threats, from earthquakes to wild fires, floods, mudslides and ocean storms.

On the east coast things are a bit more secure, but as we saw from last year’s hurricane activities no areas of the US are left out when it comes to natural disasters. The thing about emergencies is, it is usually the one that you did not take into account that ends up happening. That is why it is incumbent to train your child what to do in general emergencies, from being lost in the woods to something happening to them while they are at school or outside of your custody.

At Your Ready Survival Kits has the childrens emergency survival kit that you need, whether they are away from you or at home. A kit is a great way to teach your child about basic survival techniques, and the basic Survival Mini for Children kit is the perfect size to fit into their backpack.

This kit contains food and water sufficient for 72 hours, a glow stick, a rechargeable squeeze flashlight and a survival whistle, as well as an emergency poncho w/hood, a survival blanket and a full body warmer. One of the survival kits for children only weighs 3 pounds, and will easily fit into the bottom of a pack, measuring only 7″ x 6″ x 4″!

Each order of school survival kits – survival kits for students also comes with a data CD that has detailed instructions on what to do in any type of emergency. For in town emergencies when you are separated, pick a public place that can be seen from far away and teach your children to go there. You will also want to get them to memorize their name and address also.

The kits that Are You Ready Survival Kits supplies conform to guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. All the kits were developed by experts in the survival field, and are available in different sizes.

The most important aspect of survival is knowledge and confidence, though. Fear saps strength and makes you lose control of your actions. You would be surprised how resilient and resourceful children can be if you go out of your way to teach them some basic survival skills – and you will thank yourself that you did should the worst ever happen. It is literally information that can save your children, and a properly put together emergency pack in the car, house and that your child can keep with them can make all the difference between a few days of inconvenience and a deadly situation.

Are You Ready Survival Kits has a childrens survival kits and other survival kits available in many different forms – survival kits for students, families, hunters survival kits and more.

For peace of mind make sure your child has access tosurvival kits for children – Are You Ready Survival Kits contain the essentials needed in all school survival kits – make sure your child has one!
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