Mobile phone chargers to retrofit more convenient

The regular power supply with the highest voltage is set to 4.2V to charge the lithium battery can be, generally difficult  charge current 1/2 C (in order to control the initial charging current, the voltage might also want to reduce the number). But for the general electronic and electrical are not very familiar with computer enthusiasts, or with mobile phone chargers to retrofit more convenient, and most cell phone charger has stoped function. As judged by the standard, first of all we are to find the battery compartment of the lithium battery can be put into the core, of course, the larger the better.

Some lithium faulty boards are often problems within the lithium cell. For multi-cell battery cell panels in parallel or series, is often one of a section or part of the problem. Repair electric plate method is a direct replacement of damaged batteries in the electronic market we can buy conventional specification lithium batteries. Their own process of replacing batteries, be careful not to damage the original circuit board related functions. Even if the core is usually the cost of replacing all battery not to buy half the price of the new panels. External battery for PDA is generally used to install batteries in parallel approach.

Many hardware enthusiasts PDA devices intended to increase the battery through the installation of a single PDA device usage time, or plan to DIY a spare battery. Many online presentation panels obtained from the phone lithium batteries, in fact, to the electronic market to buy lithium cells cheaper prices, but you can have more shape and capacity of the lithium cells are available. Original mobile phone panels expensive, if only to get the batteries a little taste of Banded, while compatible mobile phone brands in the fake and poor quality panels panels many, many modified or old batteries or false capacity.

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